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a ride like in the good old times, when life was easy.
Immerse in the natural beauty of Faial for creating memories that will put a smile on your face long after you left the island. Your friendly driver was born here on Faial and will tell exciting stories while taking you on supreme panoramic tours.


from a variety of tours, ranging from 90 minutes to 5 hours. All tours will start where you wish to be picked up in Horta.
From sunrise to sunset, as long as our 1974 VW Samba Bus can enjoy the ride in mostly sunny weather, you are welcome to join.


into our 1974 Triumph TR6 convertible for a joyride like no other. A wide range of island tours are available, highly customized for meeting your desires. You will get picked up anywhere on Faial as long as good weather is with us.

Open up

for adding full skyview to your joyride. Fully immerse in wind and natural aromes as our sympathetic local driver will take scenic impressions and entertainment to a higher level. This is the luxury rural solution for anyone seeking a very special vacation memory.

Ride 1

Caldeira Highroad to Southcoast

5 hours, 5 stops
With drinks in the cooler and snacks in the bag we do the great island ride to enjoy incredibly stunning places. Almost 1000m above sealevel the famous Caldeira is our first stop. From there we gently roll down along the scenic highroad towards Capelinho Lighthouse with a stop at the Miradouro Atalaia and its fantastic panoramic views. At Capelinho you may visit the museum or just explore the area. Following is a 20 minute ride to Varadouro where you may take a swim or just relax in the sun with a glass of wine and some cheese. From Varadouro we cruise back to Horta along the ocean road.

1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

ride price €375 tax incl. - up to 5 people

Ride 2

Varadouro Sunset Chill

2 hours, 2 stops
Starttime is around 19:30 for gently cruising along the southcoast towards our favorite ocean spot on Faial. Nothing compares to the magic and tranquility of Varadouro, especially when less crowded. On the way we’ll make a brief stop at scenic spot Laginha, continue riding for 30min and park the VW Samba right at the beach rocks in Varadouro. While you take a stroll to the pool and possibly a swim, we’ll set up chairs and table for you to relax and enjoy the sunset colored sky. Shower towels and custom dinner arrangements available upon request.

1 2

1 2

ride price €200 tax incl. - up to 5 people

Ride 3

East Highland Mystery

2 hours, 2 stops
After leaving Horta we’ll take a short break at the Miradouro de nossa Señora da Conceição before heading towards a countryside road which will put our VW Samba bus to it’s climbing limits. Reaching the Miradouro das Pedras Negras at 350m above sea level is the reward of this mysterious joyride. Us and the bus will take a break up there with beautiful panoramic views over the ocean to Sao Jorge and Pico. Suitable road conditions are mandatory and BBQ arrangements available upon request.

1 2

1 2

ride price €200 tax incl. - up to 5 people

Ride 4

Horta Highspots

90 minutes, 4 stops
Covering our favorite scenic views within the city limits. Especially enjoyable in early morning and evening hours on clear sky days. After a first stop on top of Monte da Guia we will cruise over to the base of Monte Carneiro. Climbing up its forest road is unique entertainment and having reached the top we will give the VW Samba a break to cool down while you get to enjoy the unique panorama. After we will sneak through small city streets for a stop at the Salto da Ribeira - a spectacular canyon in the heart of Horta. Returning to the city via Espalamaca includes a short scenic stop at the miradouro de Señora da Conceição.

1 2 3 4

1 2 3 3

ride price €150 tax incl. - up to 5 people

Custom Ride

Individual tours can also be arranged with our VW Samba Bus for up to 7 passengers. Just contact us.


Our white Triumph TR6 convertible oldtimer is ready for your ultimate cruise experience on the Ilha Azul. You can choose Jorge or Fatima as your driver. Both are specialized in creating unforgettable vacation memories. Please call us some days in advance so we can arrange a meeting for planning your personal tour in detail.


Telephone: +351 960 272 554

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